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Q2 Balance Sooter

Q2 Balance Sooter

Adaptive LED Headlights

Front automatic driving lights illuminate the road ahead, convenient to understand the road conditions for your night travel escort

Q2 Balance Sooter

Wing Q2

Wing-Q2 Balance Scooter Product Details Show

Wing3 Electric Sooter

Wing Q2

Aviation Grade Magnesium Alloy

Fast heat dissipation, good rigidity, good shock absorption performance, long - term use not easy deformation, as good as new.

Wing3 Electric Sooter
two wheel scooter

Fire Grade PC Material

High intensity, shock resistance, high temperature resistance, anytime and anywhere to ensure your travel safety.

Battery Protection


Maximum Speed



Safe and controllable speed to protect children's every trip 20Km long endurance to meet daily needs.


Wing-Q2 Electric Product Perspective Display

wheel balance scooter

Wing Q2

electric scooter foldable
electric balance scooter
smart balance electric scooter
smart balance wheel

Product Parameters

Packing size

730 * 290 * 330 mm

Body size

500 * 580 * 800 mm

Ride height

50 mm

Net/gross weight

12.3 kg / 15 kg

The motor power

2 * 250 W


30 kg to 100 kg

A top speed of

15 km/h

Battery capacity

4400 mah


36 v


20km (distance varies according to terrain, driving mode and load)


9 "vacuum rubber tires

Climbing angles

15 degrees or less

Turning radius

0 degrees

Waterproof level


Charging time

About 3 hours

Appearance of the material

Fire retardant PC

The frame

Magnesium alloy

Smart BMS


Security and protection

Overspeed alarm Self-sensing LED front and rear lights

The LED lamps

Ping an insurance company of China underwrites the insurance